Monday, May 30, 2011


2L packaged water - Rs. 100
Stick ice-cream - Rs. 50
Sandwich - Rs. 50
1 glass of water - Rs. 10
Watching home team CSK beat RCB on a free ticket at the stadium - PRICELESS !!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

eBay India

My very first purchase using eBay didn't go that terms of the product but went off flawlessly in terms of customer support from the eBay team. My 5 + year old Acer laptop's battery wasn't working and I gave it for service with their 'authorised' partner, Redington. They suggested  a change of battery and replaced it for Rs.7 K with a 6 month warranty. And guess what, the battery died exactly after 6 months and 1 week !! Not wanting to spend that much again, I browsed through eBay listings and found one for Rs.2,600. Took a chance and ordered it. The delivery was done as promised, battery was there - except that it refused to charge itself ! On contacting the eBay seller, I was asked to contact the eBay customer support and they went all out to ensure that the charges were reversed. Heck, eBay even took the tab for the return product shipment ! WOW ! This is wonderful  customer service, if ever there was one and in India ! Double WOW !!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Anti-Social ?

I am not on Twitter or Facebook...anymore. Wokay ?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

DTH in "HD"

Received a call yesterday from Airtel DTH, the DTH provider that I subscribe to, for "upgrading" my existing connection to a HD connection. The telemarketer offered a discount for an existing subscriber and when I asked him how many channels are being offerred - he said one !!

Dear Airtel DTH :
  1. Do you expect your customers to either buy / upgrade when all that you can offer is only one channel on your platform ?
  2. Do you think we are going to get swayed by the 5 times picture clarity when none of the broadcasters even offer a HD feed to your platform ?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

DD & AIR off "air"

Very surprised to see reports that DD & AIR are out of circulation for the day owing to a strike by the employees. I mean, seriously, who watches them anyway ? With the 24 hr. assault on your senses by other regional and national private channels, does it make any difference ? Apparently, it does for the 30,000 odd employess. Heck 30,000 employees and my tax money doing waste.